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Monday, January 24, 2011

Why MyLanguageLane?

I created my first blog two years ago when joined the EVO BaW 2009, but didn't carry on although I thought I would !? I also participated in the blog Collaborative Writing
to which I contributed some of my thoughts on writing and language learning. Now I have created this blog - as a task for BaW2011. Sure, I regret I didn't continue with that one and regret I couldn't join the EVO last year, but the BaW2009 inspired me to start a wiki with my French class at Mt Albert. It was fun, and there are still some French songs I enjoy listening to. I've noticed quite a number of people around the world have seen that wiki (frankly, it wasn't bad at all. I'm quite proud of it:)

As I am currently not teaching but mostly engaged with my research, this blog probably won't be a place to post the tasks for students but rather a place for discussion about learning and teaching, in particular the learning of language(s). That's what I would like it to become, but who knows what's actually going to happen? I am not good at planning - however, it's worth trying, isn't it?

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